Invest in Continuing Education Course Credits That Grow Your Dental Career

Continuing education course credits

Maximize your continuing education course credits for a thriving dental practice.

It’s easy to push off the continuing education courses that are mandatory to earn credits necessary for state licensure. Between working full-time and balancing family life, sometimes continuing education gets put on the back burner. But when the time comes to submit your coursework for your state license renewal or a state audit, you’ll want to be prepared. Synergy Orthodontic Seminars (SOS) recognizes the challenges dentists face when choosing a continuing education course because of the time commitment, which is why they offer both online and in-person courses. 

When you decide on taking continuing education, opt for ones that can actually make a tangible difference in your dental career. There are thousands of courses offered for dentists, but this doesn’t mean they are all created with the same quality in mind, or that they’ll necessarily be useful to your practice. 

Most courses also require a fee to gain the credits, so choose a course that is worth your investment. Here’s how you can pick a course that helps you and your practice grow in the right direction.

1. Choose a course that offers flexibility.

We all know that getting away from your dental practice is not an easy task. With dental recall visits being scheduled six months in advance – and a schedule that’s ideally booked out for many weeks – how can you get away for several days for a continuing education course?

Many dentists who take courses with Synergy Orthodontics plan ahead because of the positive reputation it has It’s crucial to understand these courses are an investment, both time-wise and financially. In order to become a fast-growing orthodontics practice, you need to put the effort in, and sometimes this requires taking a few days away from your office. 

However, orthodontic courses are more than worth the time away because of the comprehensive design of both a didactic portion and hands-on clinical workshop. You’ll quickly notice the difference from Synergy courses to any others you’ve taken in the past. The orthodontic courses are designed specifically for general dentists wanting to incorporate orthodontics into their practices. They involve coursework ranging from clinical skills to practice management, so their dentists are always on their game when it comes to treating patients. 

If you can’t seem to get away, no worries! Synergy offers an online track for dentists wanting the convenience and flexibility of taking an orthodontic workshop. The online course is beneficial for dentists because they can take it at their own pace, revisit lectures, and still participate with the hands-on skills. You will have access to your instructors for question-and-answer time and access to the online journal for all of your orthodontic needs. 

2. Choose a course that can grow your practice.

How many times have you taken a course that really isn’t practical to your dental career? We’re all a bit guilty of signing up for a course just to gain the continuing education credits needed to satisfy your licensure requirements. Yet imagine taking a course that is actually useful and allows you to put skills into practice right away. 

Invest your time and money in an orthodontics course for general and pediatric dentists that can maintain your continuing education requirements, while also advancing your career. When dentists take courses with Synergy, they are making a choice to change the way they practice. When you understand orthodontics, you can provide better dental care for your patients and prevent long-term problems like pain, TMJ issues, and sleep apnea. You will quickly grow your practice from both in-office referrals and new patients as millions of Americans search for orthodontic care.

3. Choose a course that benefits your patients.

Yes, orthodontics can create beautiful smiles, but there are so many other benefits of orthodontic treatment. Many patients suffer because they go undiagnosed, living with bite problems or a misalignment of teeth. Patients who have overcrowding are more likely to develop gum disease and tooth decay. And patients with a jaw misalignment are more likely to wear away their teeth faster, leaving them with sensitivity and pain, or even tooth loss. 

Take a continuing education course that can benefit your patients like the Premier Comprehensive Orthodontics Clinical Program. It will teach the fundamentals of how to diagnose Class I and II malocclusions, understand record taking, and how to use the straight wire system to bracket teeth. Over 25% of adults need orthodontics to avoid dental problems, but without you providing care, or at the very least knowing how to diagnose cases and refer out, patients go untreated.

Continuing education is key. How will you attain it?

A continuing education course shouldn’t just be about fulfilling necessary requirements, but taking courses that provide a benefit to both your career and your patients. Orthodontics is a highly sought treatment by millions of Americans and when you gain the skills to treat patients, you’ll see a rise in your production and your patient count. 

Taking continuing education course credits with Synergy Orthodontic Seminars is one of the best ways to grow your career by transforming your office into a highly productive orthodontic specialty practice.

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