Synergy Orthodontic Seminars

General practice orthodontics

How In-House General Practice Orthodontics Serves Your Patients Better

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / September 5, 2022

The benefits general practice orthodontics courses offer your practice are clear, but what about the benefits to your patients?  By offering general practice orthodontics, dentists can increase their number of…

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Dental team communication

5 Effective Strategies for Communicating With Your Dental Team

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / September 1, 2022

Ace communication with your dental team if you want success. The success of your dental practice largely depends on the synergy of your workforce. If your dental team communication is…

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Cost of adding orthodontics to dental practice

Are the Startup Costs Worth Adding Orthodontics to Your Practice? Here Is Your Guide

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / August 29, 2022

Expanding the services your dental practice offers to include orthodontics can be a great way to attract new clients and increase income significantly. However, making this change requires a considerable…

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Continuing education for orthodontics

Keep Your Passion for Dentistry: Add Orthodontics to Your Practice

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / August 23, 2022

Mitigate burnout with continuing education in orthodontics. We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation… and as dentists, we’re not immune from career burnout. A 2021 study by the American Dental…

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Add orthodontics to your dental practice

Adding Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice Is Now More Compelling Than Ever Before

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / August 17, 2022

Why offer orthodontics in your dental practice? Are you thinking that it’s time to add orthodontics to your dental practice? There are many advantages to being a dentist who also…

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Become a fast growing orthodontics practice

5 Things To Consider Before Offering a New Service at Your Dental Practice

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / August 12, 2022

Preparing To Expand Your Practice It is always a good idea to provide your patients as wide a range of high-quality dental services as possible at your practice. If you…

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Patient retention is important

Why You Want Long-Term Patients and How To Optimize Patient Retention

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / August 7, 2022

Increase efficiency and reduce cost with better patient retention. Every business wants a client base that returns to them whenever they need the product or service that the business offers.…

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Tips for pediatric dentists

5 Tips for Creating a Fun Pediatric Dental Office

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / August 1, 2022

How To Create the Best Pediatric Dental Office Around Every practicing dentist knows that dental anxiety is real. A 2021 study suggests it affects 9% of children and teens in…

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Take care of your work-life balance

8 Everyday Work-Life Balance Strategies

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / July 31, 2022

Encouraging Proper Work-Life Balance for You and Your Team The demanding field of dentistry has many dentists and their team members struggling to find the right work-life balance. This can…

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Multidisciplinary approach to dentistry

Why a Multidisciplinary Approach to Dentistry Is So Desirable

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / July 26, 2022

The New Multidisciplinary Approach to Dentistry A multidisciplinary approach to dentistry is a practical, effective way to grow your practice, ensure long-term financial stability, and meet the diverse needs of…

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