Dental Practice Success Principles

Social media for a dental practice has value

How To Measure the Value of Social Media for Your Dental Practice

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / February 9, 2023

Learn to track your dental practice’s social media metrics. According to one study, around 52% of dental practices have some type of social media presence. Of those, 91% use their…

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How to get patients back in the chair

How to Save Time and Money and Get Patients Back in the Chair

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / February 1, 2023

Get patients back for treatment. As a dentist, you can’t help but take patient numbers personally. You pour your heart and soul into your dental practice, and you want to…

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Keys to dental practice growth

How Embracing Change Can Lead To Untapped Practice Growth

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / January 26, 2023

Taking Your Dental Practice to the Next Level When you first opened your general or pediatric dental office, you may have noticed an initial surge in patients. Those numbers might…

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Dental employee retention

How to Improve Your Dental Employees’ Job Satisfaction in 5 Steps

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / January 19, 2023

Mastering Dental Employee Retention As a dentist, you rely on your staff to run your practice while providing quality care for patients. Dental hygienists and assistants are essential to your…

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Video marketing can bring in patients

How To Get More Patients Through the Door With Video Marketing

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / January 5, 2023

Video Marketing Done Right Have you decided to add a new service to your dental office, such as orthodontics? If so, it’s important to make sure your community knows about…

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How to increase dental practice revenue

5 Ways Dentists Can Increase Revenue in Their Practices by 25% or More

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / December 31, 2022

How To Increase Dental Practice Revenue Price increases are just one of the many options available to increase your dental practice revenue. If you want to increase production but feel…

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Add orthodontics to your pediatric dental practice

5 Signs You Should Add Orthodontics to Your Pediatric Dental Practice

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / December 20, 2022

Is orthodontics right for your pediatric dental practice? Pediatric dentists must provide quality care across a range of treatment areas to ensure healthy development for their patients. Adding orthodontics to…

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multidisciplinary dental treatment

5 Steps To Boosting Success With Multidisciplinary Dental Treatment

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / December 6, 2022

There’s never been a greater focus on multidisciplinary dental treatment. Today, dentists are offering treatments from a wide range of disciplines, including periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, and more. You can follow…

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adding a new dental service

5 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Adding a New Dental Service

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / November 15, 2022

Meet demand by supplying more services. Sometimes bread and butter dentistry just isn’t enough. Today, with the increase in costs of dental supplies and employee wages, dentists need to be…

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Ensure your patient's comfort with these tips

6 Ways To Create and Maintain Your Patient’s Comfort and Satisfaction

By Synergy Orthodontic Seminars / November 3, 2022

Reducing Patient Anxiety, Boosting Patient Comfort Visiting the dentist is something that many patients are deeply anxious about. About 10% to 20% of patients experience dental anxiety that can impact…

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