Mariano Rocabado, DPT


Mariano Rocabado, DPT is the Director of the Doctorate Program in Physical Therapy at the University Andres Bellow in Santiago, LC, Chile. He earned his doctorate in physical therapy, specializing in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, from the University San Augustin, FL. Past-President of the Academy of Craneomandibulares Disorders of Chile, Prof. Rocabado is an honorary member of the Society of Ortodoncia of Chile and the Brazilian Academy of Fisiopatologia Orocervical. He was presented with an Honorary Diplomate by the AACP in 2000.

Professor Rocabado is the world’s pre-eminent authority in the treatment of TMD/TMJ disorders from a craniocervical perspective. He has pioneered numerous treatment techniques for the dentist and physical therapist and has published much of his work in this field. This unique presentation is for dentists only and is offered exclusively in the United States at the Center for Occlusal Studies.