Overview: Which Orthodontic CE Course Is Right for You?

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Orthodontic CE courses are a great option for general dentists. Synergy Orthodontic Seminars provides a wide range of courses, each with its own areas of focus and outcomes. 

To find the best course for you, consider some of the main course options available for general dentists to expand their orthodontic knowledge, skills, and experience.

Straight-Wire Orthodontics

Among the most popular orthodontic courses for general dentists is the straight-wire ortho course. This course creates a solid foundation for general and pediatric dentists to provide basic straight-wire orthodontic services for their patients.

The course will give dentists the knowledge and experience to carry out effective diagnosis and treatment planning, along with the ability to treat up to 70% of orthodontic cases. The course features reviews of real cases to help instill and develop practical knowledge.

These hands-on orthodontic courses include both lectures and practical exercises to ensure that you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to offer orthodontic treatment options at your practice with confidence.

Self-Ligating Braces

Today, many patients prefer self-ligating braces for increased comfort and a better overall patient experience. The ability to offer self-ligating braces as a treatment option can be a considerable asset for your practice, and we have the orthodontic courses for general dentists to make that a reality.

The comprehensive course, focused on treatment with self-ligating braces, covers all aspects dentists need to start offering this service to their patients. Diagnosis, treatment planning, and extensive insight into orthodontics are provided through lectures.

The course also features a substantial hands-on component where dentists treat orthodontic patients with instructor oversight. This leaves dentists uniquely poised to start offering orthodontic treatment options to their patients with confidence.

With both practical experience and a broad knowledge base, this course gives dentists the foundation they need to help their patients through the entire orthodontic treatment process in many cases.

Orthodontic CE Courses for Your Entire Team

The benefits of continuing education in orthodontics aren’t just for dentists alone. The entire team at your dental practice can become more knowledgeable and experienced in providing orthodontic care with a wide range of course options.

We offer courses that a dentist and assistant can take together, improving synergy when it comes to handling every aspect of orthodontic treatment. These general orthodontic seminars will leave dentists and their staff ready to start treating real patients.

There are many other courses available for staff as well. Our orthodontic courses for dental assistants deliver knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, including diagnostic records, mirror photography, treatment basics, and other areas.

Early Treatment and Intervention

Orthodontic courses for pediatric dentists place a special focus on growth and development in children and Phase 1 treatment. These skills can be a considerable asset for dentists, giving them a range of options for expanding treatment or choosing to restrict treatment to early stages.

The course covers everything that goes into offering early orthodontic treatment. This includes the assessment and diagnosis of a wide range of orthodontic issues and abnormalities. From there, dentists will learn the appropriate methods for choosing and constructing appliances during treatment.

Dentists will also learn how to continue treatment with adjustments. Further topics include handling records and insurance, communication with both parents and children, and how to identify which cases to take on and which to refer out.

The end result of this course is that you’ll be able to start offering Phase 1 treatments to your patients. As a pediatric dentist, this will greatly enhance your ability to provide comprehensive treatment options for your patients.

Making it possible for children to have orthodontic treatment from their familiar pediatric dentist can reduce stress for both children and parents, allowing for a better experience and improved treatment outcomes.

Premier Clinical Programs

The core focus of orthodontic courses is to equip dentists with the knowledge and skills they need to offer orthodontic treatment options. Our premier comprehensive orthodontic courses accomplish this effectively. This in-depth clinical program provides exceptional hands-on experience with real patients.

The course focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of both Class I and simple Class II malocclusions, which cover the majority of all orthodontic cases. Dentists will go through benchtop exercises in addition to lectures, along with the clinical aspect of the course.

Participants will treat real patients under the supervision of licensed and orthodontically experienced dentists. This practical experience helps develop skills and instill confidence, leaving participants able to confidently begin offering orthodontic treatment options through their practice.

Synergy Orthodontic Seminars

Synergy Orthodontic Seminars offers these and many other orthodontic CE courses on a circulating timeline. Sign up for available courses today or reach out to learn more about course options and scheduling.

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