Orthodontic Finishing

and Comprehensive Orthodontics Review

October 5-8, 2023

Principle Instructor for the Course: Dr. Jay Gerber

“Finishing Week” - What you need to know now!

The course is designed for doctors providing orthodontics; fixed braces, functional appliances and clear aligners. The main goal is to establish a more detailed and refined approach for these techniques. Through comprehensive studies on mechanics, appliances, TMD, airway and posture.

This course includes a review of Dr. Gerber's Comprehensive Orthodontics course as a foundation for orthodontic finishing and a convenient refresher for those who took the January course.

Participants will take home to use immediately learned techniques, newer and revised appliances, more efficiency in the clinic and a more detailed understanding of current orthodontic modalities that include the use of 3D imagery and appliance construction. Overall the learning program will provide participants the opportunity to discover and learn about the newest developments in orthodontics while fine-tuning current mechanics and techniques.

Pre Course Requirements:
A four-hour video series on “Interceptive Orthodontics” is provided as preparation for the in-person course. A login to the video learning platform for the pre-course work will be provided upon registration.

Agenda will include:

  • Pre-Course Video Studies (4.0 CEs)
  • See how you are wasting time with older treatment concepts
  • Never forget the Airway and Posture in the Pediatric Patient
  • Updates on Wilson 3D using latest impression techniques
  • Clear Aligner Advances to Implement Now with 3D Scanning
  • Clear Aligner in Teens
  • Faster Arch Development without Complications
  • The importance of Sagittal TransForce in the Mixed Dentition
  • Alternatives to the Twin Block in Adult Dentition (Gerber Pull Forward)
  • Vertical without braces
  • Cases using Rickinator in Teens
  • More in Incisor Blocks including numerous Case Studies
  • Rapid fixed Vertical using Jay’s RCS SL Niti archwires (no elastics)
  • Extensive Class 3 Cases – step-by-step treatment
  • Orthopedic Facial Mask cases with and without Expansion
  • Upper and Lower Incisal Blocks with Facial Mask
  • Cuspid Exposure Mechanics
  • Distal Drive with the Magill and CD fixed Appliances
  • The necessity of 2nd Molar Replacement Therapy
  • Are Micro Implants really needed for Orthodontics?

Advanced Orthodontic Concepts

  • Nustar Self Ligating brackets, Mechanics – quickest adult TX
  • Adult Patient Studies – Clear, SLB Brackets
  • Jay’s Advanced SLB archwire System for fast and effective TX.
  • Consistently achieving a Level Occlusal Plane
  • Intrusion, Extrusion without TADS
  • Up-righting and more SWA mechanics
  • Stable Adult Arch Development Mechanics
  • Vertical with Clear Appliances (Adult)
  • Vertical without elastics: RCS Arch wires and Overlays
  • Rickinators, Incisal Blocks & Primary Molar Buildups
  • Adult and Teen Open Bite Mechanics
  • Myofunctional therapy, fixed Gerber Myofunctional Bead Appliance
  • Midline, Overbite and Overjet Correction
  • Airway - Tonsils, Adenoids, Referrals, Patient Management for Adults & Teens
  • CX of Bi-maxillary Protrusion
  • Adult and Teen Anterior Advancement with proven Appliances
  • IPR / ARS, retraction mechanics using 3D and SWA appliances
  • Latest on clear aligners system
  • Direct and Digital 3D impressions for 3D
  • Extractions of 7s to control vertical in open bite cases – new case studies
  • Open Bite, Deep Bite and Genetic Class 3
  • Retraction / Distalization without elastics / Banded Sagittals with proven appliances
  • Management of Adults with Missing Teeth and Implants
  • Some interesting TMJ Ortho cases
  • Management of previous 4 Bicuspid extractions
  • The Importance of Mandibular Trajectory in selecting appliances
  • The importance of a balanced / Physiologic Posture and Airway

Complimentary treatment and patient education videos available for download at the course for all live participants.

Dr. Gerber’s course notes are in PPT format and offered complimentary at the course on a thumb drive. Other notes are at the discretion of the individual presenters.

Course Information

Course Dates

October 5-8, 2023


Thursday-Saturday - 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Sunday - 8:00 am to 1:00 pm


The Center for Occlusal Studies
6 Rosemar Circle, Parkersburg, WV 26104

Principle Instructor for the Course

Dr. Gerber's Headshot.


Dr. Jay has been a highly acclaimed orthodontic and TMD instructor for over 35 yrs. He is
recognized by the International Association for Orthodontics and the American Association for
Orthodontics as a certified instructor. Dr. Gerber has lectured for many years and is widely

Additional Presenters


Amy Gerber Smith, DDS, MS

Dr. Amy Gerber Smith loves being an orthodontist it has always been her focus to make each patient feel at home when they come to her for treatment, and she works hard to give her patients the attention they deserve. She provides fixed and functional orthodontics and is a Premier Invisalign Provider. Dr. Amy’s presentation will focus on the uses and applications of comprehensive treatment for the pediatric and teen patient with ‘Clear’ appliances. She is a premier Invisalign provider.

james szarko

James Szarko, DDS, DAADSM

He is a Certified Airway Expert. Dr. Szarko is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Szarko has lectured widely to numerous dental and medical groups on the topics of Airway Obstruction. His presentation will center on Adult Diagnosis of Airway/ Sleep related disorders.

Kevin Ohlendorf

Kevin Ohlendorf, Certified Laboratory Technician

He is the 3rd generation owner of the Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory in St. Louis. Mr. Ohlendorf has developed clear aligner systems that are widely accepted. His special presentation on ‘How Digital Technology has changed the orthodontic world’ and presentation on the latest advances in 3D appliances including ‘Clear’ aligners.


Mr. Jay W. Gerber, LLB, Attorney

Mr. Gerber has practiced personal injury and malpractice for nearly 20 years. He will share what dentists need to know when treating accident and trauma patients as relating to insurance and the legal system.

Course Cost


Total CE hours = 32

In Class Lecture = 28 hours
Video Viewing = 4 hours

Course Support Request

Need additional information or help? Let us know and one of our course support team will get in touch with you.