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Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics

April 8 @ 8:00 am April 9 @ 5:00 pm UTC+4



Instructor for over 30 Years 

Orthodontics / Malocclusion, Airway, TMD, Posture 

Dr. Gerber has instructed Orthodontic, TMD, and Facial Pain classes to doctors and team members internationally and in the USA since 1984. Dr. Jay’s extensive clinical experiences are augmented by a hospital staff appointment of 37 years, including experience in the treatment of airway-obstructed and facial trauma patients. 

Dr. Jay is the founder of the Center for Occlusal Studies, an educational training facility for dentists. During his distinguished teaching career, he has made over 1,000 presentations worldwide at distinguished universities and local, national, and international dental organizations including the AGD, Yankee Dental Congress, State, and National Dental Associations. 

He is a past Director for Neuromuscular Orthodontics at LVI Global.

Topics of Study

Dr. Jay’s presentation will focus on the necessary mechanics to achieve the goals of treatment. Treatment will be demonstrated through sequential photos of case studies of his patients in mixed dentition and teen patients.

Twin Block (Modified Gerber Fixed & Removable)

This neuromuscular improved technique to treat teens for class 2 correction. Correction for deficient and posterior displaced mandibles. Dr. Jay will show you how to immediately implement several types of “Blocks” used for Class II correction in teens including his Fixed Block for more patient control and the Expansion and Sagittal Twin Blocks. These are improved versions over the original with improved retention, reduced TX time (4-6 months), as the patient eliminates wearing during eating as they will be instructed on the use of “chewing gum” that allows for a more rapid adaption of the normal chewing cycle and masticatory muscle balance.

Orthopedic Facial Mask

This is the most comprehensive technique available to treat your Class III patients exhibiting a retrognathic maxilla, common in UAO restricted patients. This remarkable non-surgical approach is in use by numerous clinicians. Dr. Jay will bring his over 30 years of experience to share with you how to succeed.

Myofunctional Bead (Gerber)

This technique, perfected by Dr. Gerber, allows the clinician to have near total control of myofunctional therapy. Patients presenting with tongue postural and swallowing dysfunction require not only arch development treatment and more often myofunctional tongue therapy. The MFB appliance allows the clinician to insert an appliance types that implemented to improve the transverse and sagittal shape of the upper palate and lower dental arches. Of particular importance when treating airway in Pediatric patients.

3D Wilson Appliances

These represent modern fixed / removable lingual appliances. These are invaluable for several reasons: first, for the correction of AP & Sagittal deficient arch deficiencies. Arch development is manageable by the clinician for correction of deficiencies in airway patients requiring arch development. The fixed / removable nature of the appliances provides you with the necessary control of treatment. Dr. Jay will cover in detail 3D Mandibular, Quad, & Multi Action Palatal.

Fixed Bite Plane Rickinator – Fixed Vertical and Class II

Again, Dr. Jay has made dramatic improvements on the original. The Rickinator is used for Class II & Vertical Correction and when following Twin Blocks and Primary Molar Build-ups. Eliminating vertical elastics: in the full dentition he developed the RCS SL Niti Archwire that vertically eliminates the need for elastics to accomplish the most rapid posterior vertical development. All this will improve your treatment time by many months.

All Appliances and Techniques

Instruction includes detailed case studies, patient-specific diagnosis, fabrication & appliance designs, including digital applications, insertion, adjustments and patient instructions.

Dr. Gerber will demonstrate and instruct you on the most efficient techniques, appliances, and treatment to be covered with comprehensive case studies.

  • StraightWire Mechanics for teens to insure a fast and efficient finish
  • Latest braces Mechanics: midline, OJ, OB, Vertical for Open and Closed Bites and more
  • More on “fixed” Sagittal & Transverse treatment, including the Magill Sagittal
  • CD Distal Driver and Anterior CD Drive – an improvement to the Growth Appliance
  • Class III Appliance Design & Applications including the Orthopedic Facial Mask
  • Class II & III Case Studies including many Airway Obstructed Patients
  • Palatal expansion for airway patients using the RPE, RME and NPE2
  • Most efficient rapid vertical (no elastics) Rickinator, Rickinator Plus, SWA & Niti wires

Dr. Jay always covers:

  • Airway and Sassouni Plus cephalometric diagnosis
  • Missing teeth solutions, Fixed Lingual Bonded Retention
  • Working with your labDigital appliances and 3D appliance printing.
Participants cases (digital) are always reviewed by Dr. Jay.

Pricing Details

  • $1,099 for doctors
  • $799 for monitors (previous advanced pedo attendees)
  • $450 for each team member

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Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics Course by Dr. Jay Gerber

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