Adult Finishing & Stabilization
Complex TMD & Orthodontic Stabilization

September 27-29, 2024

Principle Instructor for the Course: Dr. Jay Gerber

What you need to know now!

Special Featured Presentations

  • Emphasis On Complex Orthodontic Finishing Of TMD Cases in Adults
  • Special Presentation On Legal Aspects Of The Head & Neck Trauma Patient
  • The Correlation Of Airway Obstruction During Treatment

What you will learn in this session-

  • How to complete your TMD patients to a state of stabilization.

- Neuromuscular Principles of Stabilization 

  • Phase II Orthodontics & Orthopedics

- For Finishing and Stabilization

  • Orthotic Adjustments and Modifications During Transitional Treatment
  • Appliances and Braces complimented with Clear Aligners
  • Developing Clinical Outcomes through specific patient management
  • SOAP and multiphasic Treatment Planning
  • Trauma Patient Management and Diagnostic Check List (SOAP)

-Differential Diagnosis including Causation & Treatment

-Getting Paid for Trauma Patient assessment and treatment.

  • Legal Considerations when the patient has counsel
  • Credentials & CV, expert qualifications, Depositions
  • Airway recognition and management of Adult Ortho/TMD patients
  • Dr. Gerber’s Case Presentations (numerous subjects)

  - Phase 1 acute pain & chronic patients

  - When Do You Start Phase 2 Finishing?

  - Knowing when you have stability for phase 2 finishing

  • Dr. Gerber’s Orthodontic Stabilization Cases
  • Appliances Used in Orthodontic Finishing

- Specialized Functionals for Vertical and AP, Brackets including SLBs,

- Rapid Vertical with Special Archwires, Elastics & Fixed Bite Blocks

- Post-Surgical Finishing, Stabilization of Adults using Orthodontics to Finish & fine-tune

- Combination Treatment with Prosthetics and Orthodontics

- Application and Uses of Clear Aligners in Stabilization

-Patient Management

  • Integration of Physical Therapy & Postural Modification
  • The Use of ulfTENS in the transitional Phase from Initial to stability.

+ Digital PPT notes and selected appliance videos.

+ Videos provided on bracket placement & archwires.

20 CE Hours


Gerber Orthopedic Finisher is used to correct Cl 2, Vertical and horizontal deficiencies. It has been used over the years to orthodontically treat those adults needing a stable occlusion but are locked into nighttime airway appliances.

Additional applications include: AP and severe vertical correction, finishing TMD patients to a stable occlusion, prior to braces and or clear aligners.


Dr. Jay calls passive self-ligating brackets (SLB) the most efficient choice to orthodontically treat the adult patient. He also uses SLBs for occlusal stabilization of the TMD patient.

Treatment time is often reduced by 25% or more in the adult.

Dr. Gerber's unique archwire system is essential.


The Best Adult Class 2 Appl. The Gerber Pull Forward is an improved version of the Stack appliance. Adults often have difficulty wearing Cl 2 correction and TMD appliances and this one works! It is much more comfortable thus resulting in treatment goals that are quickly reached. There is an easy transition from the GPF to SLB braces and/or clear aligners for final stabilization. Surgical correction is rarely needed in the patient that wears the "Gerber Pull-Forward".

Course Information

Course Dates

September 27-29, 2024


Friday-Saturday - 8:00 am to 5:30 pm


The Center for Occlusal Studies
6 Rosemar Circle, Parkersburg, WV 26104

Principle Instructor for the Course

Dr. Gerber's Headshot.


Dr. Jay has been a highly acclaimed orthodontic and TMD instructor for over 35 yrs. He is
recognized by the International Association for Orthodontics and the American Association for
Orthodontics as a certified instructor. Dr. Gerber has lectured for many years and is widely

Additional Presenters

jay w gerber pic

Dr. Jay W. Gerber

Jay W. Gerber, trial attorney is a Personal Injury lawyer with over 20 years experience in dealing with health care professionals and insurance carriers. "What You Need to Know About Trauma".

james szarko

Dr. James Szarko

Dr. James Szarko, DDS, DDSM is a recognized Airway Expert who has lectured at many conferences and at Dr. Gerber's courses over the years. "Recognition of OSA in Adult Patients Presenting for TMJ Treatment".

Course Cost


Assistant $895

Total CE hours = 20

In Class Lecture = 20 hours

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