Adding Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice Is Now More Compelling Than Ever Before

Add orthodontics to your dental practice

Why offer orthodontics in your dental practice?

Are you thinking that it’s time to add orthodontics to your dental practice? There are many advantages to being a dentist who also practices orthodontics. Instead of referring patients to another provider, continuing education in orthodontics allows dentists to offer a wider range of treatments and procedures within their own offices. Now is the time to weigh the benefits of seeking orthodontic courses to expand your dental practice.

Continuing Education in Orthodontics

General dentistry and orthodontics don’t have to be separate. More Americans than ever before are recognizing the need for quality and consistent dental care to achieve a healthy and gorgeous smile. This trend toward better oral hygiene and care has led to fewer instances of tooth loss as patients become more aware of tooth structure and the link between oral and overall health.

Many patients seeking orthodontic services prefer to receive this type of care from their general or pediatric dentist. This is mostly due to feeling like they are already part of your care family. Patients are often hesitant to commute to new locations and establish care with a new doctor.

Additionally, the increased access to care, combined with the increase in camera-ready moments (think Zoom and Instagram) has led more Americans to pursue treatment to straighten their teeth. Now your dental practice can offer orthodontics to 70-80% of orthodontic-eligible patients instead of referring them to an orthodontist.

Continuing education in orthodontics has expanded to meet the growing demand from dentists to access comprehensive courses and receive the necessary training. The stage has been set, the pioneers have succeeded in making general dentists who practice orthodontics for kids and adults more commonplace, and the time to start is right now.

Compelling Reasons to Add Orthodontics to Your Dental Practice

A multidisciplinary approach to dentistry is popular with patients because they can enjoy greater convenience by accessing all the care they need from your office. There are also many advantages to enhancing your dental practice by adding orthodontic services.

1. Expand your treatment portfolio.

Make your dental office more productive and profitable by providing the wide array of services your patients want. Diversifying your treatment portfolio is an excellent way to attract new patients to your practice and encourage patient retention.

2. Increase your profits.

Dentistry is a solid career choice, so adding to the number of treatments and services you provide only increases your earning potential and makes your practice appealing to a larger number of prospective patients. More services can make your dental practice competitive and enable you to stand out from the crowd.

3. Provide better health and outcomes for your patients.

Family and pediatric dentistry allow you to treat multiple generations of patients in all stages of life. You get to know your patients and become invested in their health by providing them with the very best outcomes you can. Opting to take continuing education classes for orthodontics gives you another way to provide the best quality of care for your patients. Ultimately they get the benefit of receiving treatment from a provider who already knows and understands their medical history, concerns, and treatment preferences.

4. Renew your passion for dentistry.

Dentistry is filled with professionals who are eager to learn and grow. Choosing to pursue continuing education is a wonderful way to learn new skills and expand your knowledge to increase options for creating beautiful smiles for your patients. There are always new techniques and technology available for study that can improve your practice and reignite your interest in your chosen career.

5. Earn continuing education (CE) credits.

Advance your career while earning credits! Continuing education credits are a perfect opportunity to increase your skill set and provide your patients with the highest level of care. They are also part of the requirements to maintain your professional license and continue practicing dentistry. Why not take advantage of the ability to earn those credits by pursuing a new and exciting discipline?

6. Grow your community of colleagues.

The contacts you make during your continuing education courses provide you with a supportive network you can turn to for advice. Your instructors are there to make sure you thrive and provide you with the mentor you’ve always wanted. Plus, once you’re ready to implement what you’ve learned into your dental practice, you can reach out to your new community for assistance with difficult cases that require extensive treatment plans.

Orthodontic Courses for General Dentists

Become a fast-growing dental practice by offering orthodontics to your patients. When you choose Synergy Orthodontic Seminars, you get access to orthodontic courses taught by some of the industry’s leading experts. Join your peers for in-person events where you can make face-to-face connections as you learn, or select the convenience and accessibility of virtual events and online learning.

We have courses suited for any need – whether you are just starting in dentistry or have years of experience. Our mission at SOS is to provide general and pediatric dentists with the best possible education in orthodontics through the latest technology and treatment methods.

Find out more about the courses we have to offer. Send a message or call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives and get answers to your pressing questions!

Synergy Orthodontic Seminars

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