9 Tips for Hiring the Best Applicants for Your Dental Practice

How to go about hiring the best applicants

How to Find an Applicant Who Will Complement the Team

A team that works well together is crucial to the success of any business, and dentistry is no different. Dental practices hiring a new team member often rush to fill a position instead of finding the best applicants. It may be a slow process, but you want to know that the applicant will contribute to the practice’s success. 

Finding the best candidate can be overwhelming, and dentistry is a tight market. Hiring is challenging, but firing someone brings more challenges, including potential legal ramifications. But if you follow these tips for dental practice hiring, you’ll find a qualified candidate that blends well with your current team. 

1. Write a detailed job description. 

When it comes to dental practice hiring, you must clearly define your wants and needs for the position, regardless of the exact type of candidate you’re seeking. Knowing this beforehand helps you write a straightforward, easy-to-read overview of the job duties and what’s expected of the candidates.

A good job description should include the following information: 

  • Daily responsibilities 
  • Standard procedures in your office 
  • Required dental certifications or licenses 
  • Performance expectations 

A detailed description highlighting your expectations will increase your chances of getting suitable applicants. Writing it will take some time, but you’ll make it up later on during the interview and hiring process.

2. Post on dental job boards. 

Dental job boards are online spaces where a dental practice hiring new candidates can post available positions. Using other job recruitment websites may help you receive many applicants, but will they have the qualifications you want? 

Posting on an industry-specific site helps narrow down the applications you receive and increases your chances of finding the best person for your practice.

Using online job boards also helps you advertise to potential candidates outside your local area. Some applicants may be willing to relocate and start working as soon as possible. 

3. Conduct thorough interviews. 

An interview is the best way to learn about a candidate’s experiences, personality, and strengths quickly. Sometimes, a brief phone interview can help you determine whether you’d like to proceed with a formal invitation to meet the prospective hire. 

Every interview should include the following: 

  • Straightforward questions for information gathering 
  • Open-ended questions that require thought and explanation
  • An opportunity for the candidate to ask questions of their own

You’re likely not the only dental practice hiring; your candidate probably submitted several applications. After conducting the interview, follow up quickly to avoid losing the opportunity to offer them the job. 

4. Don’t feel obligated to interview everyone. 

Not everyone will have the qualifications you’re looking for in a new team member. Review applicants thoroughly to eliminate those who didn’t follow the instructions and detect potential “job-hoppers.” Interviewing those applicants puts you at risk of repeating the process too soon.

5. Observe the candidate’s behavior. 

Every interaction with a candidate will tell you something about them. Pay attention to seemingly small details, like how they answer the phone or their voicemail greeting. If you invite them for an interview, how do they interact with the staff when entering your office?

6. Check references.    

When you attend orthodontic seminars for general dentists, you’ll learn that one of the biggest mistakes made when hiring is to forgo checking references. You’ll potentially be working with this person for many years. Wouldn’t it be worth speaking with someone who has had a similar working relationship with them?

Ask the candidate’s reference a mix of open and closed-ended questions to confirm critical facts and learn more about what it was like working with them.

7. Offer a competitive salary and bonuses. 

A higher salary for a valuable team member is crucial to investing in your practice. A competitive wage will attract ideal candidates and keep them around for a long time. Offering a higher wage may feel like a risk, but it’s one that’s easily offset by  lower employee turnover. 

Consider including bonuses when the candidate reaches milestones, or practice goals, to improve their chances of staying for the long haul. 

8. Make a legally sound job offer. 

When you’re ready to extend an offer, have a professional review the contract you’ve drawn up to ensure that it’s legally sound. In most cases, you can reuse the same phrasing for multiple positions within your office

9. Provide training and learning opportunities. 

Once you’ve officially welcomed your new team member, be patient as they learn how your practice operates. Solicit helpful feedback from your current team and consider incorporating their insights into your staff-training resources.

Attending live training, like orthodontic seminars for general dentists and dental assistants, can be useful for every member of your team. It will teach them new skills, and they’ll appreciate your support. 

Take your team to the next level. 

If you can’t find a good fit immediately, you might have to get creative to fill the gap while waiting for the right person to come along. Cross-training team members will always add value to your practice. 

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