7 Reasons to Take an Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics Course

Advanced pediatric orthodontics course

Expanding your treatment options means expanding your practice.

There are many reasons to choose orthodontic courses to expand your treatment options. Building your practice, delivering better results for patients, and fulfilling your individual career goals are all motivating factors.

These reasons and more have many dentists choosing our Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics course.

1. Stand out among other dentists in your area.

In most regions, pediatric dentistry is highly competitive. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition to keep your patient base and continue to draw in new patients.

Offering more comprehensive treatment options is one of the best ways to do this. Parents will love having more of their children’s care handled under one roof—it means less running around and more working with a dentist they know and trust. For many families, this can be a deciding factor in their choice of dentist.

2. Continue your commitment to education.

Continuing education is important for any dentist’s career. Dentists must complete certain continuing education requirements to maintain licensing with the ADA and state associations. 

Expanding your knowledge also allows you to grow and feel more fulfilled in your career. Continuing education opportunities vary in the impact they can have on your career and practice. The Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics course lets you expand into a new specialization that could play a role in your career for years to come.

3. Diagnose all of your patients.

Diagnosis is an important step in any treatment, even if you refer patients to specialists. When you make it clear why a specialist’s insight is needed, your patients and their parents will feel more comfortable, and they will be more likely to follow up with treatment.

Continued education in orthodontic treatment prepares dentists to accurately diagnose a wide range of malocclusions. Even if you must refer or choose to refer out a given case, you can provide key information to your patient instead of leaving them in the dark and causing unnecessary concern.

4. Take on more cases instead of referring out.

The primary benefit of the Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics course is that it prepares dentists to carry out treatment for a wider range of cases. You will be able to take on most orthodontic cases instead of referring them out and losing that potential revenue.

This course prepares dentists for both standard straight-wire orthodontics and a variety of other treatment options and appliances. Straight-wire treatment comprises the majority of pediatric treatment cases, so dentists who complete this course will be prepared to handle most malocclusions.

5. Enjoy greater career satisfaction.

Providing quality treatment to your patients is fulfilling. However, dentistry can become monotonous when most of your patients require the same basic preventive treatments. Learning advanced orthodontic treatment methods helps break up the monotony.

Orthodontic treatment is a rewarding experience. Planning and carrying out orthodontic treatment takes place over a longer time frame than most dental treatments. You’ll see clear progress over weeks and months. Seeing your patients’ smiles improve will provide a very tangible feeling that you are helping your patients.

6. Invest in your future.

Expanding the potential treatment options that you can offer is a highly effective investment in your future. Even if you don’t plan to offer orthodontic treatment immediately, being able to do so leaves you ready for expansion in the future.

Orthodontic treatments are among the most lucrative revenue streams that you can add to your practice. Instead of leaving potential revenue on the table when you refer out, you can take advantage of that revenue for your practice. Not only can you offer treatment for existing patients, but your expanded options will also draw in new patients.

7. Develop the skills to provide these treatment options.

The Advanced Pediatric Orthodontics course from Synergy Orthodontic Seminars will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to confidently provide orthodontic treatment through your practice.

The course covers a wide range of areas. You’ll learn about straight-wire mechanics and the latest in treatment with braces. This area includes the mechanics involved in many types of cases, including midline, OJ, OB, vertical for open and closed bites, and more.

Class II and Class III malocclusion case studies cover appliance design and application, along with the care of airway-obstructed patients. You’ll also learn how to handle a wide range of appliances and techniques, including the latest in orthodontic technology.

Orthodontic CE for Pediatric Dentists

Synergy Orthodontic Seminars provides pediatric dentists with orthodontics training programs that leave you prepared to deliver quality treatment to your patients. We offer a wide range of courses developed and delivered by qualified experts. Take a look at our upcoming courses to find one that’s right for you.

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