5 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Adding a New Dental Service

adding a new dental service

Meet demand by supplying more services.

Sometimes bread and butter dentistry just isn’t enough. Today, with the increase in costs of dental supplies and employee wages, dentists need to be creative with the services they provide. Many dental practices now offer comprehensive dental care, including preventative, restorative, surgical, and orthodontic treatment to keep the amount of referrals low and their production high. Most offices recommend teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry because patients want it and can benefit from the service. Orthodontics is one of the top recommended dental services because of its low cost and high success rate.

If you are thinking about orthodontics, or any new dental service, you need to be prepared to optimize success. Here are some key tips to help you implement orthodontics into your practice smoothly.

1. Recognize your patient demographic.

If you are a general or pediatric dentist, you more than likely have patients who need and want orthodontic treatment. This is one of the top reasons general and pediatric dentists succeed in treating orthodontic patients. You have the patient right in front of you. Younger patients can benefit from orthodontics at an early age to avoid problems like impacted teeth, space issues, and sleep problems. Adults need orthodontics for cosmetic concerns, but also to stop ongoing issues like bite problems, TMJ disorders, pain, and tooth decay.

Offering orthodontics is not just benefitting your practice but the patient as a whole to prevent long-term dental and medical issues. You are doing your patients a service when you decide to add a dental treatment that a lot of people need. 

2. Get the training you need to succeed.

Adding an extensive dental service like orthodontics can’t be compared to deciding to order a new composite brand or fluoride system. It is a complicated and detailed dental treatment that spans several months to years, and requires extremely customized treatment plans for each patient.

Comprehensive orthodontic courses offered by Synergy Orthodontic Seminars is the best way to get the training you need to succeed in your practice. There are different workshops depending on your skill set and the type of orthodontic course you want to take. The good news is that Synergy Orthodontic Seminars provides comprehensive, hands-on workshops to help you understand the clinical foundations of orthodontics and also the practice management component.

Synergy Orthodontic Seminars offers courses for both beginner and advanced learners who are looking for challenging comprehensive orthodontic courses. Orthodontics is not just about brackets and wires; it requires detailed treatment planning with other specialists, unique appliances, and a bit of strategizing on how best to fix a smile. Synergy is here to help you be proficient in treating orthodontics and incorporating it into your general or pediatric practice, every step of the way.

3. Research your initial start-up costs.

Like any major dental service, whether it’s implants or orthodontics, you need to know exactly what materials, software, and equipment you need to move forward. Your courses with Synergy Orthodontic Seminars will guide you in the right direction so you understand what it takes to get started. This is important because understanding your initial costs and the revenue you can expect will help you strategize how to market and schedule your patients. Being prepared is the best way to help with dental practice growth.

Synergy can direct you on what types of technology you need to get started and really point you in the right direction on any resources you need, including legal, supplies, and practice management software.

4. Market your practice.

When you add a major dental service to your office, you want to shout it from the rooftops. So, you need to have a good marketing plan in place; otherwise, how will people know you offer a new treatment? Consider a few key ways to market your practice:

  • Send an email blast to all your patients.
  • Have your team discuss orthodontics at recall exams.
  • Use social media to update patients on all your new services.
  • Use Google ads with search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Update your website.
  • Barter with local businesses.

5. Train your staff.

Imagine you are getting surgery in the hospital, but none of the administrative staff or nurses seem versed or knowledgeable. It would scare you a bit and likely cause you to look elsewhere for treatment, right? This is the same thought process when offering a comprehensive and costly treatment like orthodontics. If your team is not trained properly and can’t answer simple patient questions, or they can’t assist you in taking diagnostic records, it may be a put off to patients, so they won’t want to commit to orthodontic treatment at your practice.

Synergy Orthodontic Seminars also offers training for your staff, where they will learn the correct orthodontic language. The CE course will ensure they understand the insurance breakdowns and how to use the right instruments. Taking impressions using an intraoral scanner is simple, but requires training. When you have your entire team trained and on board, you are more likely to be successful with any new dental service you choose to add.

Choose Synergy Orthodontic Seminars for your entire dental team.

When you decide to add a new dental service, follow simple key steps like getting proper training and marketing your practice to get the word out there. Synergy Orthodontic Seminars will teach you how to strategize a plan and execute it well, and you’ll have no issues in becoming successful with any new treatment you offer.

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