5 Things To Consider Before Offering a New Service at Your Dental Practice

Become a fast growing orthodontics practice

Preparing To Expand Your Practice

It is always a good idea to provide your patients as wide a range of high-quality dental services as possible at your practice. If you have the knowledge and experience to offer these services, they can significantly increase your appeal and widen your patient base.

One type of service that many practices add when they’re looking to expand is orthodontics. By taking orthodontic training courses, you can open your practice to a whole new world of clients that you would have had to refer to someone else before.

Expanding into this new area of dentistry is not for everyone, however, and it is definitely not for the unprepared. There are several factors to consider before looking into orthodontic training courses to become a fast growing orthodontics practice, and keeping certain key tips in mind can help you find success.

1. Make sure your team is on board.

Your team is vital to your success, which is why their thoughts on expanding into the world of orthodontic services should never be overlooked. Because they will need to take on comprehensive orthodontic courses themselves, you will need to make sure they are completely on board. 

If you meet some resistance upon first suggestion of expanding your services, this is a very normal response. Try to demonstrate to your team the value of this expansion for both the practice and their own careers. Explain how offering this new service can help them to learn, grow, and increase their earning capacity.

By ensuring your team understands the benefits of expansion, you may be able to motivate them with relative ease.

2. Take a look at your systems.

There are some logistics involved with expanding your services that go beyond orthodontic training courses. If you are looking to add to what you offer at your practice, it is likely that the systems you currently have in place are working well. 

But even so, that does not necessarily mean your systems will continue to work well with the addition of orthodontic services. This is something you need to evaluate carefully. 

If you are concerned that adding a new service will cause a disruption to your current systems, then perhaps consider whether they can be restructured or reinforced to accommodate a new service or if you will have to adopt a new system altogether.

3. Evaluate your patient base.

There is certainly no shortage of people in need of orthodontic services in the world, but that does not necessarily mean they will be lining up for the opportunity to receive yours. 

You will likely need to begin your expansion through your current client base, which means that you will also need to evaluate your relationships with them in order to get an idea of whether they would come to you for this new service.

There is also the matter of local competition. If you know of a nearby practice that is highly regarded for its orthodontic services, then that may present an obstacle for you when developing a strong client base. 

It is certainly not impossible to carve out a space for yourself, especially if you have already earned a good reputation for your other services. Still, competition is worth considering before expansion.

4. Evaluate your marketing platform’s success.

Another way in which you would need to attain clients for your new services is through marketing campaigns. Take a look at your current strategies and determine whether they will still be sustainable as you continue to grow. 

If what you are currently doing seems like it may not be attuned to helping you become a fast growing orthodontics practice, then you should devise a new marketing strategy that is more accommodating as early as possible. 

You do not want to go to the trouble of training courses, system reconfiguration, and other adjustments only to be hindered by ineffective marketing.

5. Use only comprehensive orthodontic courses.

Expanding into new areas of dentistry does not come without considerable risks, which is why you want to make sure that you mitigate those risks as much as possible by finding the most comprehensive orthodontic courses available. 

Going the extra mile to solidify your entire team’s knowledge and self-confidence can be the deciding factor between success and failure in this endeavor. Leave no stone unturned when learning about the available training courses. 

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