5 Steps To Getting Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Google reviews for your dental practice

Google Review Hacks for a Successful Dental Practice

To be the most successful dental practice you can be, you cannot afford to ignore the power of Google reviews. While there are several review platforms out there, Google reviews is way out in the lead, with 73% of the market. To give that some context, Yelp—arguably the most famous review brand—only has 6% of reviews.

Most web users head straight to Google Search for all their needs, giving their reviews a clear advantage. So how can you get great Google reviews for your dental practice and harness its power?

Let’s explore the answer together.

1. Update your Google Business Profile.

Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) makes it easy for people to find your business online. According to Google, the better the information in your business profile is, the more likely you are to appear in local searches.

Here are some simple wins Google advises to boost your profile:

  • Enter complete data, including your address, phone number, attributes, and category
  • Verify all of your locations so they’re more likely to show up on Google Search and Maps
  • Interact with customer reviews
  • Add media, including photos and videos

Google’s focus is on providing the best experience for its users. So the more detailed and captivating you make the information on your business profile, the more likely they are to show it to their users.

A small investment of time could reap big rewards. Google will automatically drive people searching your area to your dental practice if you’ve got a great profile.

2. Request reviews.

Google reviews are now an essential component of dental marketing. The importance of reviews in raising the profile of your dental practice cannot be overemphasized. But if you don’t ask, you don’t receive!

People are often happy to provide reviews, but it’s unlikely they will remember if you don’t ask them to do so. Ideally, you will ask your patients for a review before they leave your office. But why not make it easy for them by sending them a text reminder about an hour after their appointment?

By this time, they’ll probably be back at home or work and have a few minutes to leave a quick review. Their experience is still fresh in their minds, so it’s the best time to make the request. If you wait too long to follow up, the great impression you made may have faded somewhat.

Text them a link with a friendly message. Ideally, by this point, you will have already talked to them about leaving a review, so it won’t come as a surprise to get a request. Assure them it will only take a minute of their time and is much appreciated.

And remember that 95% of consumers read reviews before buying a product, and the same principle is true for those seeking services. So a little time and effort here can yield big rewards.

3. Respond to reviews.

Responding to positive reviews has many benefits. First, it allows you to continue interacting with your patients after their visits. When you respond, they will be notified, which gives you a chance to advertise loyalty programs or send targeted offers.

Responding to negative reviews is also crucial, as it shows you care. Anyone running a dental practice knows that negative reviews are par for the course; it does not make your practice bad. However, leave them sitting on your profile with zero interaction and they’ll start to harm your reputation.

When you reply, resist the temptation to write anything negative yourself. Instead, offer constructive solutions to your patient. For example, invite them to schedule an appointment to come in and resolve their issues.

Google ranks search results based on several factors, one of which is prominence. This means that Google prioritizes businesses with great reputations. You can boost your online reputation with a strong review count and score factor.

Encouraging satisfied patients to leave reviews shows that you are a successful dental practice. Interacting with those reviews shows your patients that you care and appreciate their time and feedback. Even negative reviews can become strengths as you show your interest in providing great customer service.

4. Spotlight your strengths.

You’re in full control of the information on your Google Business Profile. So why not use that opportunity to showcase the strengths of your practice?

For example, if you’re a general dentist who now offers orthodontics, your Google Business Profile is the perfect place to highlight that. You can add a video introducing your new offering or include testimonials from satisfied patients.

5. Get your team on board.

Encouraging patients to leave reviews requires engagement from every member of the team.

Training your reception team to have the confidence to ask each time before a patient departs is important. Remind them to tell the patient how much it means to them when a new review pops up. If you implement a text reminder system, ensure your team lets the patient know they will receive a link via text within the next hour.

Take time to educate your team about the importance of dental-practice reviews. They’re crucial to the overall success of the practice, so every team member has a vested interest in sourcing those reviews! When they appreciate this, it will help them incorporate “the ask” into their everyday patient interactions.

Benefiting From Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice

If you don’t currently have a focused strategy for Google reviews for your dental practice, now’s the time to create one. The points above can form the basis of a strategy. This can increase the number of reviews and boost your practice’s reputation.

It gives you an opportunity for many further positive interactions with your patients. Plus, it sends a message to local people looking for top-quality dental care.

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