5 Key Components of Our Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics Course

comprehensive pediatric orthodontics course

Our Pediatric Dentists’ Favorite Pediatric Ortho Course

The Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics course is one of the top course options from Synergy Orthodontic Seminars. It takes pediatric dentists from having no specific orthodontic knowledge or experience to being able to provide orthodontic treatment options through their practice.

The following key course components make the Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics course one of the best options in orthodontic continuing education for pediatric dentists.

1. Instruction by Dr. Jay Gerber

The right instructor can make all the difference when it comes to the practical outcomes of continuing education programs. The Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics course is headed by one of America’s most experienced orthodontics instructors, Dr. Jay Gerber.

Dr. Jay has given nearly 1,000 presentations worldwide since 1984, covering a wide range of dental and orthodontic topics. He was a member of the medical/dental staff at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital in Parkersburg, WV, for 37 years and has distinguished himself in his field through both practice and instruction.

Dr. Jay carefully developed the course and its contents to prepare pediatric dentists for the reality of providing orthodontic treatment options. His teaching methods instill dentists with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed.

The course also features several guest speakers who provide unique insight into their specific areas of expertise.

2. Step-by-Step Learning Modules

The Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics course is implemented through step-by-step learning modules that allow dentists to develop foundations and move on to more advanced topics in a logical progression.

The learning modules take dentists through every stage of treatment and clinical implantation. Key topics include:

  • Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment plan development
  • Treatment for mixed dentition through teenage patients
  • Selection and application of various fixed and removable appliances
  • Diagnosis and treatment of craniofacial dysfunction and upper airway obstruction
  • Knowing which cases to treat and which to refer
  • Clinical and office management skills for successful integration into your practice

The learning modules feature a variety of lectures and hands-on experiences that provide both knowledge and practical skills. The course is carefully structured so that maximum synergy is achieved between these different course elements.

3. Following Sequential Treatment for Dozens of Patients

Orthodontic continuing education for pediatric dentists must address the complexity and diversity that any dentist may face when taking on orthodontic cases. This course meets these requirements with comprehensive reviews of dozens of Dr. Jay’s real-world cases.

You’ll follow these cases from diagnosis to retention and see the long-term results in many cases. These varied examples of complete orthodontic cases provide a clearer understanding of how an actual orthodontic case progresses over time.

Understanding each of the vital steps and their progression is key to providing quality care through your practice. Maintaining proper continuity throughout treatment provides a better experience and improved results for patients, so pediatric dentists must learn to see individual treatments within the larger context of entire cases.

4. Comprehensive Learning Resources

This orthodontic continuing education for pediatric dentists course provides you with a wide range of additional learning resources beyond the structured lectures. These resources allow for effective review and study, letting dentists further ingrain their knowledge and develop their skills.

An extensive digital workbook is provided for everyone in the course, including a comprehensive and detailed study guide. The improved ease of access and interactivity make the digital workbook much more valuable than physical workbooks or worksheets.

You’ll have access to recorded sessions with additional digital notes, including presentation slides. Detailed notes and voice-over descriptions are also available for hands-on sessions and patient sequential treatment, even if you missed those specific sessions.

These resources provide effective support throughout the course and a useful reference resource afterward, delivering lasting value.

5. Patient Education Videos

You’ll receive access to more than 18 patient education videos alongside your own learning resources. These videos can be a valuable resource when explaining new treatment options to your patients and preparing them for orthodontic treatment.

The videos address a wide range of topics, including what patients need to know about oral and appliance hygiene, appliance wear, and emergencies. You’ll have complete access to use these videos within your practice, and you’ll be able to send them home with your patients.

Various other resources are also included in the course. You can streamline integration and management with the wide range of standard forms and letters for patient and office use that are yours to use after completion of the course.

Invest in the future of your pediatric practice.

Orthodontic continuing education for pediatric dentists is a great investment to advance your career and expand your practice. You can take advantage of the Comprehensive Pediatric Orthodontics course from Synergy Orthodontic Seminars by registering for the next session of this recurring course.

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